A cup of my clay, Good to make my day.

主理人原是一位工業產品設計師,卻打從心底裡偏愛手工類需時制品。習陶九年多,游走於量產與手工制之間為生活找平衡。對我來說,陶藝是自我沉澱;對生活上的各種思考,依照素材原始紋路和質感創作。作品主題分別有小動物陶偶、日常小器皿及小飾物; 風格多以簡約單色系為主, 希望能平和地融合各人生活中。藉由創作陶器來傳遞人的情感,器物扮演著傳達心意的橋樑角色。

Kit Han is a ceramic artist from Hong Kong who would like people to appreciate and accept the imperfection in their daily life through my works. 

I believe that an object can communicate to people; also, our emotion is evoked by an object. It should be a part of the presentation itself to surprise us. And one unique thing about ceramic is that none of them are identical, and the imperfection in them, in fact, completes the piece.

It is always an unknown until it undergoes the whole firing process. Sometimes there is a beautiful piece, and sometimes it exploded and what left fragmented. I tried to deliver a message through an object, however, we cannot control what people received. Especially ceramic, it can express more than I expected.

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