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A cup of my clay, Good to make my day.

Kit Han is a ceramic artist from Hong Kong who would like people to appreciate and accept the imperfection in their daily life through my works. What I am doing is experimenting with material, texture, and color, hopefully coming up with a new way of presenting ceramic.

I believe that an object can communicate to people; also, our emotion is evoked by an object. It should be a part of the presentation itself to surprise us. And one unique thing about ceramic is that none of them are identical, and the imperfection in them, in fact, completes the piece.

It is always an unknown until it undergoes the whole firing process. Sometimes there is a beautiful piece, and sometimes it exploded and what left fragmented.

I tried to deliver a message through an object, however, we cannot control what people received. Especially ceramic, it can express more than I expected.


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